Admob for Unity – Monetize your Game

Want to monetize your game?Get started with AdMob for unity now.Admob integration with unity works on ios and android both.

The google mobile SDK is the latest generation of Google mobile advertising that redefines the advertising solutions.The SDK enables Unity mobile app developers to maximize their monetization in native mobile apps.

Admob for unity

Admob for unity plugins Features:

  • Android and ios platform supports.
  • Supports all events.
  • Ad targeting.
  • Various Ads types.

Ads types:

  • Banner(All Banner Type and Custom banner sizes)
  • Interstitial (text, picture, video)
  • Rewarded Video
  • Native Express Banner

Get Started with downloading the Admob unity package and install it into the unity project.

Step 1: Find / Create Admob id

You can find/create Admob app id here.

Step 1.1: Initialize Admob Ads

Initialize AdMob ads before loading ads.This is a one-time initialization process.

Step 2: Request Banner Ad

The enum specifiesAdPosition where to place the banner.You can be customized AdPosition in your way.

Step 3: Hide and Show Banner

By default, banner ads are visible.But you can change using this.

Step 4: Request Interstitial Ad

Step 5: Show Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ads are explicitly show based on a game stopping point.

Step 6: Destroy Ads

Step 7: Ads Request targeting

Step 8: Ads Events

Only Register events you need.

Step 9: Test Ads

Step 10: Native Ad Request

The classNativeExpressAdView is responsible for requesting and displaying native express ads.You can see full information here.

Step 11: Request Rewarded Video

Step 12: Show Rewarded Video

You can register video ads events based on your need.This is how AdMob for unity monetized your multiplayer and other games.

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